The recent Changelog of the Materia X2 Premium has been moved to Materia X2 Changelog.

Materia X2 v3.5 (Not yet released)

January 20 - XXXX XX, 2023

- Added: Between Post Article Ads
- Added: Between Post Index Ads with Load More or Infinite Scroll Pagination
- Added: Drawer Sub-Menu Item Visibility Options
- Added: Drawer Sub-Menu Item Auto Collapse Options
- Added: Default Fonts - Bentham, converted to Tajawal Font (Arabic)

- Optimized: JavaScript

- Fixed: Ajax Search Escape Key Features
- Fixed: Sitemap Feature
- Fixed: Related Posts error
- Fixed: Post Comment Delay
- Fixed: Post Image Unwrapper

- Changed: Sitemap Feature

- Updated: Posts Comment - Only loads when user wants to reply or create a new comment.

Materia X2 v3.4 (Current Release)

November 21, 2022 - January 20, 2023

- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Empty Labels for Related Posts
- Fixed: Open Graph Image Resolution (Meta Tags)
- Fixed: Materia Auth Plugins
- Fixed: W3C CSS Error
- Fixed: JSON-LD BlogPosting Schema - inLanguage & description
- Fixed: JSON-LD BreadcrumbList Schema - id

- Added: Custom Widget Post/Commment data with different Blog URL
- Added: Option to add Navigation Drawer Menu Item target and rel attributes automatically.
- Added: Hero Block Components
- Added: Featured Block Components
- Added: Footer Block Components

- Changed: Mobile Grid Layout to Single Grid Layout

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.4

Materia X2 v3.3

October 22 - November 21, 2022 | View Archived Demo.

- Changed: Post Next/Previous Button Styles
- Changed: Navbar Description Length to 80 Character
- Changed: The Progress Bar is only used when an Ajax request is loaded

- Optimized: Ajax Search Functionality
- Optimized: Meta Tags
- Optimized: LazyLoad AdSense
- Optimized: Resource Request
- Optimized: Hidden Accessibility Issues for All Gadgets

- Added: JavaScript Polyfills
- Added: Navbar Button Rounded Corner Radius Options

- Fixed: Input, Select and Textarea Styles
- Fixed: Empty TOC Heading on Static Page
- Fixed: Safelink Error

- Updated: Related Post with Random Posts
- Updated: Header Buttons

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.3

Materia X2 v3.2

September 22 - October 22, 2022 (Minor Updates) | View Archived Demo.

- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Ajax Search
- Fixed: Blog Page Type Class
- Fixed: Tabbed Menu Overflow
- Fixed: Ajax Search - Escape Key

- Changed: Some Tags

- Optimized: JavaScript Code
- Optimized: Thumbnail Size

- Updated: Package and Dependencies

- Added: New Structures for Materia Auth Plugin

- Improved: All Hidden Accessibility Issues

Materia X2 v3.1

August 01 - September 22, 2022 | View Archived Demo.

- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Post (Item) Pagination
- Fixed: Safelink Auto Generated Links
- Fixed: Theme Colors
- Fixed: Schema Markups

- Removed: Default Button Color Options

- Optimized: JavaScript Code

- Updated: Post Meta Ellipsis Text on Mobile
- Updated: Post Summary Visibility Options (Disable/Desktop Only/Desktop and Mobile)
- Updated: Safelink Generator Page
- Updated: Safelink Decryption Method

- Added: Header Description
- Added: Autocollapse Sub-Navigation Drawer Menu
- Added: Post Datetime Time Ago Options
- Added: Post Read Time Options
- Added: Custom Widget - Carousel
- Added: Custom Wiget - Grid
- Added: Custom Widget - Comments

Materia X2 v3.0

July 02 - August 01, 2022

- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Lazyload Images
- Fixed: Social Gadget Empty Icons
- Fixed: Safelink Duration, Safelink Target and Safelink Exclude Links
- Fixed: Contact Form not Sending

- Changed: The Contact Form will only appear on static pages
- Changed: Sitelink Search Box Schema JSON-LD

- Updated: Popular Post Style on Main Section
- Updated: Hover Effect on 16:9 Images
- Updated: Related Posts Script

- Optimized: JavaScript Code
- Optimized: SEO, Best Practices, Accessibillity and Performace

- Added: Tabs Component
- Added: Search Bar Visibility on Desktop Option
- Added: Tabbed/Tab Bar/Overflowable Menu
- Added: More Menu Shadow Thickness Options (Thin, Medium or Thick)
- Added: Main Section Minimum and Maximum Width Options
- Added: Post Ad Slot (Top and Bottom)
- Added: Search Bar Minimum and Maximum Width Options
- Added: Newer and Older Post Pagination on Item Page (Post Page)
- Added: Ajax Search (Only on Homepage, Post Page dan Static Page)

Materia X2 v2.9

June 10 - July 02, 2022 | View Archived Demo.

- Fixed: Copy Button on Code Box
- Fixed: Post Background Variable Settings
- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Disable Image Unwrapper if Post Image Zoom Lightbox Feature is Disabled
- Fixed: Overlapping and overflowing AdSense widgets
- Fixed: Custom Label Icons
- Fixed: Search Page Grid

- Changed: Some Related Post Style
- Changed: Social Widget Icons to Manual SVG Icon Input (No More limitations)
- Changed: Light Mode SVG Icon

- Updated: Disable Page Scrolling if All Toggle is Active
- Updated: Contact Forms

- Optimized: JavaScript Codes

- Improved: Accessibility
- Improved: Performance

- Added: Post Shortcode Feature (Buttons, Snackbar, Alerts, YouTube Videos, Contact Form, File Download, Masonry Images)
- Added: Components (File Download, Masonry Images)
- Added: Navigation Drawer Menu Badge/Dots/Notification Options
- Added: Sitemap Feature
- Added: Safelink Feature with Custom URL Generator Page and Auto Generated Links

Materia X2 v2.8

Final | June 06 - 09, 2022

- Fixed: Blogger Widget Manager
- Fixed: Error - Empty Table of Contents FAB
- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)

- Changed: Comment Sort from Old to New to New to Old

- Added: Progress Bar Styles (Default and Indeterminate) Feature 
- Added: Related Posts Feature
- Added: Related Posts Style (List and Grid)
- Added: Post Scroll Indicator on FAB Feature
- Added: Social Gadget
- Added: Post Split Feature
- Added: Translate Gadget Style (Default or Modal) on Floating Action Button.

Materia X2 v2.8a

Alpha | June 06, 2022

- Tailwind Edition (Rebuild)

Materia X2 v2.7.5

January 01 - January 09, 2022

- Fixed: CSS Code
- Fixed: JavaScript Code
- Fixed: Blank Elements
- Fixed: Unsupported Native Sharer Button
- Fixed: Blogger Video Post Embed Style and Wrapper
- Fixed: Related Posts

- Changed: Some Shortcode

- Improved: SEO and Accessbility on Comment Section (Blogger)

- Added: New Icon Sets
- Added: New Styles for Table
- Added: Related Post Count Options
- Added: New Button Link, Alerts, Accordion/Collapse, YouTube Embed Shortcode
- Added: Sitemap Features
- Added: Social Media Widget

Materia X2 v2.7

December 16 - December 31, 2021

- Fixed: Some CSS Code
- Fixed: Some JavaScript Code
- Fixed: AdSense Code
- Fixed: Share API
- Fixed: Grid Layout
- Fixed: Index Label Icon Options
- Fixed: Index Label Description Options
- Fixed: Navigation Drawer Menu State and Style
- Fixed: Comments Counter Badge
- Fixed: Comments on Default Style Options
- Fixed: Post Table of Contents Order

- Updated: SVG Icons

- Added: Unsupported Script Warning
- Added: Index Post List Fade Animation
- Added: Copy URL Button
- Added: Comment Poster URL Options
- Added: Delay on jQuery Script

Materia X2 v2.6.5

Patch 2 | December 06 - December 16, 2021

- Fixed: Related Posts Image.
- Fixed: CSE Pagination.
- Fixed: AdSense Scripts.
- Fixed: Post Shortcode.
- Fixed: Block Code Copy Button Snackbar.
- Fixed: Script on Error Page.
- Fixed: Dark and Light Logo.
- Fixed: Some Largest Contentful Paint Elements.
- Fixed: Navigation Drawer Menu Delay.

- Updated: Disabled Comment Remover on FAB.

- Changed: Font Weight for Navigation Drawer Menu Items.

- Optimized: Featured Post Gadget.
- Optimized: Popular Post Gadget.

- Added: AdSense Default Markups.
- Added: Post Image Link Remover and Unwrapper.
- Added: Icon Pack.
- Added: Related Post Style.
- Added: Native Post Share API Options.

Materia X2 v2.6

October 15 - December 06, 2021

- Removed: Individual Post Share Dialog element.
- Removed: Post Image Link Remover and Unwrapper script.
- Removed: Turbo Load [Beta].

- Fixed: The post page where comments are disabled.
- Fixed: Contact Form submit button style.
- Fixed: Split Post Pagination URL Parameter.
- Fixed: Some w3c Validation.
- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS).888
- Fixed: Some Functionalities (JS).
- Fixed: Infinite Scroll Loader.
- Fixed: Syntax Highlighter.
- Fixed: Disqus Comments.

- Updated: Post Share Dialog to Single Share Dialog.
- Updated: Custom jQuery Script.
- Updated: Related Post Style.

- Added: SiteLink Searchbox JSON-LD Schema Markup.
- Added: Breadcrumb JSON-LD Schema Markup for Post Page and Static Page.
- Added: Blogger, Evernote and Pinterest Share Button.
- Added: Custom Widget Section.
- Added: Grid and Slider Custom Widgets (Required jQuery).
- Added: New Section (Custom Vanilla JS Script and Custom jQuery Script).
- Added: Collapsible and Snackbar Component.
- Added: Light/Dark Mode Logo.
- Added: Defer Lazysizes.
- Added: Ripple Effect to Share Button.
- Added: Custom Arabic Fonts.
- Added: Code Block Copy Button.
- Added: Icons to each Alerts.
- Added: Lazyload for Comment System.

Materia X2 v2.5

June 01 - October, 2021 | View Archived Demo.

- New Structures

Materia X2 v2.4

May 20 - June 01, 2021

- Fixed: Error CSS
- Fixed: Empty Avatar Thumbnail
- Fixed: Empty Post Thumbnail Background
- Fixed: Empty Post Footer Container
- Fixed: Right to Left (RTL) Floating Action Button (FAB) Position
- Fixed: Share Languages (Share to ...)
- Fixed: Error JavaScript
- Fixed: Drawer Menu Padding on Small Screen
- Fixed: Infinite Scroll Pagination
- Fixed: Darkmode Comment Form Background
- Fixed: Viewport Pinch Zooming
- Fixed: Slider Accessibility

- Updated: Post Date Ellipsis when there's no space
- Updated: Post Date Title from ISO 8601 to Regular Datetime Format
- Updated: Restructuring Conditional Tags
- Updated: SVG Icon Path to Symbol
- Updated: Base64 Image Placeholder to GIF Url

- Added: jQuery Option (Enable/Disable)
- Added: jQuery placement location Option (in the head tag or under the body)
- Added: Custom Languange Translation (English, Indonesian, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, and Arabic)
- Added: Custom Language for Share Menu
- Added: Custom Language for Table of Content
- Added: Custom Language for Change Font Size
- Added: Navigation Drawer Menu style Option (Icon/Full)
- Added: Navigation Drawer Menu state Option (Dismissible/Modal)
- Added: Remove link from post image Automatically
- Added: Google Restricted Font (Goolge Sans) as Alternative Fonts
- Added: Lazy AdSense Options (Enable/Disable)
- Added: Post Shortcode (Button, Youtube Embed, Alert, Contact Form, Accordion)
- Added: Popular Post Slider

Materia X2 v2.3

January 27 - May 20, 2021 | View Archived Demo 1 - View Archived Demo 2.

- Updated: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel Next/Previous Button
- Updated: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel Interface
- Updated: RTL (Right to Left) Support

- Improved: Accessbility Score (
- Improved: SEO Score (

Materia X2 v2.2

January 21 - 27, 2021 | View Archived Demo.

- Fixed: Skeleton Loading (Shimmer) Effects on Single Item
- Fixed: Stretched Post Images
- Fixed: Bottom Navigation on Error Pages
- Fixed: Console Error on the Blogger Pages
- Fixed: Alignment for Search Label Descriptions
- Fixed: Updated Post Text (Outside time tags)

- Updated: Center and 70% Image width for Comments
- Updated: Post Slider/Carousel

- Added: Hide Comment Counter on Index Page when Post Comment Disabled
- Added: Updated Post Datetime (Disable/On Hover/Enable)
- Added: Ad Block Features
- Added: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel

Materia X2 v2.0 - v2.1

not launched

Materia X2 v1.9

August 13 - September 27, 2020

- Removed: Play Button on Slider/Carousel

- Changed: Features Toggle Values
- Changed: Placeholder Image Loader to Lazy Image Blur

- Updated: License Method
- Updated: Block Post Style
- Updated: Grid Style

- Fixed: Post Slider/Carousel
- Fixed: Table of Contents
- Fixed: Accessbility
- Fixed: Search Button Input Focus
- Fixed: Nav Drawer Hide when TOC is Clicked (Mobile)

- Optimized: Markups
- Optimized: Post Slider/Carousel

- Added: Selected Nav Marker (Border & Highlight)
- Added: Mobile Footer Menu Section
- Added: Post Image Zoom Overlay
- Added: Social Widget

Materia X2 v1.8

April 29 - August 13, 2020

- Optimized: CSS

- Fixed: Dark Mode Toggle Delay
- Fixed: Background Contrast Ratio (Accessibility)
- Fixed: Enabling Zooming Option to Default (Best Practices for Accessibility)

- Removed: ARIA Hidden Attributes from any Link (Accessibility)
- Removed: Related Posts (Replaced with Read Also)

- Added: New Version of jQuery (Improved Security)
- Added: Automatic Table of Contents
- Added: Automatic Read Also Between Post
- Added: Ads Between Post Section
- Added: New Styles
- Added: Dark Mode Color Options
- Added: Homepage Post Slider with Options
- Added: New Blank Image (Placeholder)

- Improved: Overall Aspect like Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, etc.

Materia X2 v1.7

April 02 - April 29, 2020

- Optimized: CSS

- Removed: Comment Settings on Theme Designer

- Added: Dark Mode Options
- Added: Post Image Loading Placeholder
- Added: External Link New Tab Icon
- Added: Index Post Label Category Options
- Added: Between Post Ads Section
- Added: Auto TOC (Table of Contents) Options

Materia X2 v1.6

February 24 - April 02, 2020

- Fixed: Prefixed CSS Vendor

- Added: Header Gradient Color Options
- Added: Gradient Header and Body Options

- Changed: Light Mode Icon
- Changed: Material Color Scheme

- Rearranged: Theme Designer

- Optimized: Sidenav
- Optimized: Social Background Color
- Optimized: CSS Prefix

Materia X2 v1.5

January 23 - February 24, 2020

- Removed: Blank Link Button

- Fixed: Navigation Drawer Position
- Fixed: Search Form for Small Device

- Optimized: Error 404 Page
- Optimized: New CSS Code

- Improved: Best Practices
- Improved: 100% Meta SEO Tag
- Improved: 100% Accessbility for All Elements

- Added: New Post Loader Style
- Added: New Header Box Shadow - Border on Scroll
- Added: New Styles for Comment Section
- Added: Search Input & Input Element Hover Animation Effect
- Added: Some Element Hover Effect & Transition
- Added: Additional Multilingual for Pagination
- Added: Alternative Font System
- Added: New Styles for Layout Panel
- Added: Ripple Effect Animations
- Added: Meta Viewport Enable/Disable Pinch/Zooming Options
- Added: Sitemap Plugin

Materia X2 v1.4

November 05, 2019 - January 23, 2020

- Fixed: Some Error CSS
- Fixed: Header CSS Transition
- Fixed: Header Placeholder Color
- Fixed: Fluid Layout
- Fixed: CSS Table
- Fixed: Widget Spacing

- Removed: Unused Shortcodes
- Removed: Unused CSS

- Optimized: All CSS Styles!
- Optimized: Alert Shortcodes
- Optimized: Dark Mode
- Optimized: Comment Systems. Blogger, Disqus, and Facebook

- Changed: Block Video Widget Icon
- Changed: Code Structure

- Added: New Blogger Comments System
- Added: Footer Homepage URL
- Added: Automatic Footer Year Copyright
- Added: New Style of No-Image SVG Thumbnails
- Added: Sidebar Sub-Menu Rotate Animation & Transition
- Added: Syntax/Code Highlighter Features

Materia X2 v1.3

October 12 - November 09, 2019

- Fixed: Some Error CSS
- Fixed: Some Error Attributes
- Fixed: Selected Navigation Drawer Menu Highlight

- Added: Page Loader Options
- Added: Dark Mode Features (Cached/Local Storage)
- Added: Drawer Menu Border Separator

- Optimized: Alert, Code Box, and Button Shortcodes

- Updated: Post Comment (If comment is 0 then hide the comment counter)

Materia X2 v1.2

September 23 - October 12, 2019

- Fixed: Some Error CSS
- Fixed: Some Error Attributes
- Fixed: Some Error Title Attributes
- Fixed: Ordered & Unordered List CSS

- Optimized: eCommerce Features

- Removed: Global Widht Features

- Added: Multivendor CSS
- Added: New Design for Search Page, Label Page, and Archive Page
- Added: More Multilingual Words (English - Indonesian)
- Added: Grid and List on Index Posts Layout Options

Materia X2 v1.1

September 05 - 03, 2019

- Fixed: Some Error CSS
- Fixed: Prefixed CSS Vendor

- Added: eCommerce Features
- Added: eCommerce Invoice System
- Added: eCommerce Antispam System
- Added: Some Meta Tag

Materia X2 v1.0

August 29 - September 03, 2019

- Initial Release
- Removed: Hide Side Navigation Option (BETA)

- Added: Multilevel Menu System for Side Navigation
- Added: Left Thumbnail Option in Theme Designer

- Changed: Verified Author Mark with HTML Entities