January 27, 2021 | v2.3 (Not Yet Released)

- Updated: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel Next/Previous Button
- Updated: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel Interface
- Updated: RTL (Right to Left) Support
- Improved: Accessbility Score (Web.dev)
- Improved: SEO Score (Web.dev)

January 21 - 27, 2021 | v2.2 (Relased: 27/01/2021)

- Fixed: Skeleton Loading (Shimmer) Effects on Single Item
- Fixed: Stretched Post Images
- Fixed: Bottom Navigation on Error Pages
- Fixed: Console Error on the Blogger Pages
- Fixed: Alignment for Search Label Descriptions
- Fixed: Updated Post Text (Outside time tags)
- Updated: Center and 70% Image width for Comments
- Updated: Post Slider/Carousel
- Added: Hide Comment Counter on Index Page when Post Comment Disabled
- Added: Updated Post Datetime (Disable/On Hover/Enable)
- Added: Ad Block Features
- Added: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel

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