Materia X2 Premium Changelog

List of Changes, Fixes, Additions and Updates to the Materia X2 Premium theme.
Yasya El Hakim

Materia X2 Premium is a regularly updated theme based on some bugs, user requests etc. Here, we include all the list of changes, updates, removals and fixes to the Materia X2 Premium theme.

The page for Changelog of the Materia X2 Premium has been moved to Materia X2 Changelog.

Materia X2 v3.9 Patch 1 (Current Release)

August 20 - December 12, 2023

- Fixed: Block Pricing Component Shrinked Icons
- Fixed: FAB Component

- Added: Automatic Table of Contents
- Added: Popular Post - Thumbnail (Disable | Enable) Options
- Added: Popular Post - Summary (Disable | Desktop Only | Desktop and Mobile) Options
- Added: Ad Detector (Ad Blocker) Feature
- Added: Post Author Badge (Disable | Enable) Options
- Added: Post About Author Badge (Disable | Enable) Options
- Added: Post Comment Author Badge (Disable | Enable) Options
- Added: Default Fonts - Poppins, converted to Calibri
- Added: Post Anti Copy Feature

- Updated: Style on Input Component, add an * to the input that has the required attribute
- Updated: Color Mode Variables
- Updated: Post Meta Buttons (Share, Comments, etc) on Mobile
- Updated: Google Analytics Script

New Documentation for Materia X2 v4.0

Materia X2 v3.9

July 14 - August 20 - 2023

- Fixed: List Decimal & Bullet Color

- Added: Page Published and Updated Timestamp
- Added: Post Author Image Resolution Options (Low/Medium/High)
- Added: Google Doodles Feature
- Added: Custom Widget - Ticker

- Updated: Twitter Bird Logo to Twitter X Logo

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.9

Materia X2 v3.8

April 05 - July 14, 2023

- Added: Post Comment Modal Button to Open Comment Modal (Join the Conversation)
- Added: Icon Pack #10
- Added: Icon Pack #11
- Added: Icon Pack #12
- Added: Icon Pack #13
- Added: Custom Widget random post (Random Index Number) option
- Added: Cookie Consent Option
- Added: Input Component
- Added: Related Post List with Icon Style Option
- Added: Custom Widget Carousel Disable/Enable Kenburn Effect Option
- Added: Pricing Block Components
- Added: FAQ Block Components with Valid FAQ Schema/Rich Results Structured Data
- Added: Facebook Comment Plugin
- Added: Accordion/Collapsible Panel Component Always-Open
- Added: Accordion/Collapsible Panel Component Flush
- Added: Button Component Sizes
- Added: Tabs Component Bordered
- Added: Tabs Component Flush
- Added: Input Components
- Added: Downloadable Components
- Added: Image Masonry Components
- Added: Some Meta Tags Variables
- Added: Posts Thumbnail Resolution Options (Low/Medium/High)

- Fixed: Some of Shortcodes
- Fixed: Section Main that is not in the middle position becomes the middle position
- Fixed: Custom Widget - Carousel Progress Style
- Fixed: Post Button Alignment
- Fixed: Some CSS
- Fixed: Post Item Next/Previous Pagination Alignment
- Fixed: Background Image Variable
- Fixed: Post Image Unwrapper

- Updated: All Components Styles
- Updated: All Block Components Structures

- Changed: button shortcode to buttonLink

- Removed: Downloadable File Component with CSS Utilities
- Removed: Image Masonry Component with CSS Utilities
In this version, we've worked on restructuring the entire CSS (Styles). So, there may be unexpected appearance that may occur. However, we will make sure there are no bugs during release.

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.8

Materia X2 v3.7 Patch 1

April 03 - 05, 2023

- Fixed: Saved Post Count Background and Color
- Fixed: Empty Tabbed Menu
- Fixed: Progress Bar
- Fixed: License Validator

- Updated: Additional FAB Bottom Spacing Value
- Updated: Additional FAB Left/Right Spacing Value

- Changed: Ajax Search Icon (From Page Icon to Search Icon)

Materia X2 v3.7

March 20 - April 03, 2023

- Added: Icon Pack #4
- Added: Icon Pack #5
- Added: Icon Pack #6
- Added: Icon Pack #7
- Added: Icon Pack #8
- Added: Icon Pack #9
- Added: Icon Clear for RTL Mode
- Added: Recent Headline Title, Border and Indicator Color Options
- Added: Snackbar on Comment Add and/or Reply Button
- Added: Floating Action Button (FAB) Position on Index Pages Option (Left/Center/Right)
- Added: Floating Action Button (FAB) Position on Item Page Option (Left/Center/Right)
- Added: Floating Action Button (FAB) Default Corner Radius Option
- Added: Floating Action Button (FAB) Default Bottom Spacing Option
- Added: Floating Action Button (FAB) Default Left/Right Spacing Option
- Added: Collapsible Tabbed Menu Option
- Added: Save Posts or Bookmark More Menu Icon (Disable/Enable) Option
- Added: Ajax Search Corner Radius Option

- Updated: All Icon Packs
- Updated: Multiple State Color Mode Dropdown Item Width
- Updated: Breadcrumb Width
- Updated: FAB - TOC, Comment, Share, Translate and Scroll Top
- Updated: Posts Label Search Description
- Updated: Google Translate Gadget

- Changed: Posts Label Description Option name to Posts Label Search Description

- Fixed: Image Unwrapper on List Element
- Fixed: All typos in the rel attribute value
- Fixed: Tabbed Menu

- Removed: Floating Action Button (FAB) Post Options (Combined and Separated)
- Removed: FAB Position (Left | Right) Options

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.7

Materia X2 v3.6 Patch 1

March 20, 2023

- Fixed: Floating Action Button (FAB) Post Options (Combined and Separated)
- Fixed: Image Unwrapper

Materia X2 v3.6

February 19 - March 20, 2023

- Fixed: Sitemap Feature for Empty Post Labels/Categories
- Fixed: Dark/Light Mode Feature on Initial State
- Fixed: Search Input on Empty Blur
- Fixed: Post Split (Post Pagination) Feature
- Fixed: FAB Visibility on Click
- Fixed: XSS Vulnerability Issues

- Updated: Save Post (Bookmark) Feature
- Updated: jQuery to v3.6.3
- Updated: Matericons and some Materia X2 Icons
- Updated: Pagination Numbered, Infinite Scroll & Loadmore
- Updated: Image Zooming

- Improved: Accessibility Score on Save Post Button (Bookmark) and Share Button

- Added: Ajax Search Max Results Options
- Added: Ajax Search Post Result Icon Options
- Added: Between Post Related Post Options
- Added: Dark/Light Mode Logo on JavaScript Variable Options
- Added: Floating Action Button (FAB) Post Options (Combined and Separated)
- Added: OneSignal Plugin Integration
- Added: Custom SVG Pack (SVG Sprites) Gadgets
- Added: Breadcrumb Hover Color Options
- Added: Post Image Unwrapper and Intersection Observer (Lazyload)
- Added: Icon Pack #1
- Added: Icon Pack #2
- Added: Icon Pack #3

- Removed: Post Split Feature
In this version, we have worked to change the entire Source Code to be Modular. So, there may be bugs, which are possible. However, we will ensure that there are no bugs during release.

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.6

Materia X2 v3.5

January 20 - February 19, 2023

- Added: Between Post Article Ads
- Added: Between Post Index Ads with Load More or Infinite Scroll Pagination
- Added: Drawer Sub-Menu Item Visibility Options
- Added: Drawer Sub-Menu Item Auto Collapse Options
- Added: Default Fonts - Bentham, converted to Tajawal Font (Arabic)
- Added: Post Item Label Hover Color Options
- Added: Featured Post Style on Main Section Options (Default and Same as Recent Posts)
- Added: Save Post (Bookmark) Feature
- Added: FAB (Floating Action Button) Position (Left/Right) Option
- Added: Auto-Sync Saved Posts to the Materia Auth Feature

- Optimized: JavaScript

- Fixed: Ajax Search Escape Key Features
- Fixed: Sitemap Feature
- Fixed: Related Posts error
- Fixed: Post Comment Delay
- Fixed: Stacked Snackbar

- Changed: Sitemap Feature

- Updated: Posts Comment - Only loads when user wants to reply or create a new comment
- Updated: All default Blogger Fonts can work properly
- Updated: Scroll Padding

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.5

Materia X2 v3.4

November 21, 2022 - January 20, 2023

- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Empty Labels for Related Posts
- Fixed: Open Graph Image Resolution (Meta Tags)
- Fixed: Materia Auth Plugins
- Fixed: W3C CSS Error
- Fixed: JSON-LD BlogPosting Schema - inLanguage & description
- Fixed: JSON-LD BreadcrumbList Schema - id

- Added: Custom Widget Post/Commment data with different Blog URL
- Added: Option to add Navigation Drawer Menu Item target and rel attributes automatically.
- Added: Hero Block Components
- Added: Featured Block Components
- Added: Footer Block Components

- Changed: Mobile Grid Layout to Single Grid Layout

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.4

Materia X2 v3.3

October 22 - November 21, 2022 | View Archived Demo.

- Changed: Post Next/Previous Button Styles
- Changed: Navbar Description Length to 80 Character
- Changed: The Progress Bar is only used when an Ajax request is loaded

- Optimized: Ajax Search Functionality
- Optimized: Meta Tags
- Optimized: LazyLoad AdSense
- Optimized: Resource Request
- Optimized: Hidden Accessibility Issues for All Gadgets

- Added: JavaScript Polyfills
- Added: Navbar Button Rounded Corner Radius Options

- Fixed: Input, Select and Textarea Styles
- Fixed: Empty TOC Heading on Static Page
- Fixed: Safelink Error

- Updated: Related Post with Random Posts
- Updated: Header Buttons

New Documentation for Materia X2 v3.3

Materia X2 v3.2

September 22 - October 22, 2022 (Minor Updates) | View Archived Demo.

- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Ajax Search
- Fixed: Blog Page Type Class
- Fixed: Tabbed Menu Overflow
- Fixed: Ajax Search - Escape Key

- Changed: Some Tags

- Optimized: JavaScript Code
- Optimized: Thumbnail Size

- Updated: Package and Dependencies

- Added: New Structures for Materia Auth Plugin

- Improved: All Hidden Accessibility Issues

Materia X2 v3.1

August 01 - September 22, 2022 | View Archived Demo.

- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Post (Item) Pagination
- Fixed: Safelink Auto Generated Links
- Fixed: Theme Colors
- Fixed: Schema Markups

- Removed: Default Button Color Options

- Optimized: JavaScript Code

- Updated: Post Meta Ellipsis Text on Mobile
- Updated: Post Summary Visibility Options (Disable/Desktop Only/Desktop and Mobile)
- Updated: Safelink Generator Page
- Updated: Safelink Decryption Method

- Added: Header Description
- Added: Autocollapse Sub-Navigation Drawer Menu
- Added: Post Datetime Time Ago Options
- Added: Post Read Time Options
- Added: Custom Widget - Carousel
- Added: Custom Wiget - Grid
- Added: Custom Widget - Comments

Materia X2 v3.0

July 02 - August 01, 2022

- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Lazyload Images
- Fixed: Social Gadget Empty Icons
- Fixed: Safelink Duration, Safelink Target and Safelink Exclude Links
- Fixed: Contact Form not Sending

- Changed: The Contact Form will only appear on static pages
- Changed: Sitelink Search Box Schema JSON-LD

- Updated: Popular Post Style on Main Section
- Updated: Hover Effect on 16:9 Images
- Updated: Related Posts Script

- Optimized: JavaScript Code
- Optimized: SEO, Best Practices, Accessibillity and Performace

- Added: Tabs Component
- Added: Search Bar Visibility on Desktop Option
- Added: Tabbed/Tab Bar/Overflowable Menu
- Added: More Menu Shadow Thickness Options (Thin, Medium or Thick)
- Added: Main Section Minimum and Maximum Width Options
- Added: Post Ad Slot (Top and Bottom)
- Added: Search Bar Minimum and Maximum Width Options
- Added: Newer and Older Post Pagination on Item Page (Post Page)
- Added: Ajax Search (Only on Homepage, Post Page dan Static Page)

Materia X2 v2.9

June 10 - July 02, 2022 | View Archived Demo.

- Fixed: Copy Button on Code Box
- Fixed: Post Background Variable Settings
- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)
- Fixed: Disable Image Unwrapper if Post Image Zoom Lightbox Feature is Disabled
- Fixed: Overlapping and overflowing AdSense widgets
- Fixed: Custom Label Icons
- Fixed: Search Page Grid

- Changed: Some Related Post Style
- Changed: Social Widget Icons to Manual SVG Icon Input (No More limitations)
- Changed: Light Mode SVG Icon

- Updated: Disable Page Scrolling if All Toggle is Active
- Updated: Contact Forms

- Optimized: JavaScript Codes

- Improved: Accessibility
- Improved: Performance

- Added: Post Shortcode Feature (Buttons, Snackbar, Alerts, YouTube Videos, Contact Form, File Download, Masonry Images)
- Added: Components (File Download, Masonry Images)
- Added: Navigation Drawer Menu Badge/Dots/Notification Options
- Added: Sitemap Feature
- Added: Safelink Feature with Custom URL Generator Page and Auto Generated Links

Materia X2 v2.8

Final | June 06 - 09, 2022

- Fixed: Blogger Widget Manager
- Fixed: Error - Empty Table of Contents FAB
- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS)

- Changed: Comment Sort from Old to New to New to Old

- Added: Progress Bar Styles (Default and Indeterminate) Feature 
- Added: Related Posts Feature
- Added: Related Posts Style (List and Grid)
- Added: Post Scroll Indicator on FAB Feature
- Added: Social Gadget
- Added: Post Split Feature
- Added: Translate Gadget Style (Default or Modal) on Floating Action Button.

Materia X2 v2.8a

Alpha | June 06, 2022

- Tailwind Edition (Rebuild)

Materia X2 v2.7.5

January 01 - January 09, 2022

- Fixed: CSS Code
- Fixed: JavaScript Code
- Fixed: Blank Elements
- Fixed: Unsupported Native Sharer Button
- Fixed: Blogger Video Post Embed Style and Wrapper
- Fixed: Related Posts

- Changed: Some Shortcode

- Improved: SEO and Accessbility on Comment Section (Blogger)

- Added: New Icon Sets
- Added: New Styles for Table
- Added: Related Post Count Options
- Added: New Button Link, Alerts, Accordion/Collapse, YouTube Embed Shortcode
- Added: Sitemap Features
- Added: Social Media Widget

Materia X2 v2.7

December 16 - December 31, 2021

- Fixed: Some CSS Code
- Fixed: Some JavaScript Code
- Fixed: AdSense Code
- Fixed: Share API
- Fixed: Grid Layout
- Fixed: Index Label Icon Options
- Fixed: Index Label Description Options
- Fixed: Navigation Drawer Menu State and Style
- Fixed: Comments Counter Badge
- Fixed: Comments on Default Style Options
- Fixed: Post Table of Contents Order

- Updated: SVG Icons

- Added: Unsupported Script Warning
- Added: Index Post List Fade Animation
- Added: Copy URL Button
- Added: Comment Poster URL Options
- Added: Delay on jQuery Script

Materia X2 v2.6.5

Patch 2 | December 06 - December 16, 2021

- Fixed: Related Posts Image.
- Fixed: CSE Pagination.
- Fixed: AdSense Scripts.
- Fixed: Post Shortcode.
- Fixed: Block Code Copy Button Snackbar.
- Fixed: Script on Error Page.
- Fixed: Dark and Light Logo.
- Fixed: Some Largest Contentful Paint Elements.
- Fixed: Navigation Drawer Menu Delay.

- Updated: Disabled Comment Remover on FAB.

- Changed: Font Weight for Navigation Drawer Menu Items.

- Optimized: Featured Post Gadget.
- Optimized: Popular Post Gadget.

- Added: AdSense Default Markups.
- Added: Post Image Link Remover and Unwrapper.
- Added: Icon Pack.
- Added: Related Post Style.
- Added: Native Post Share API Options.

Materia X2 v2.6

October 15 - December 06, 2021

- Removed: Individual Post Share Dialog element.
- Removed: Post Image Link Remover and Unwrapper script.
- Removed: Turbo Load [Beta].

- Fixed: The post page where comments are disabled.
- Fixed: Contact Form submit button style.
- Fixed: Split Post Pagination URL Parameter.
- Fixed: Some w3c Validation.
- Fixed: Some Styles (CSS).888
- Fixed: Some Functionalities (JS).
- Fixed: Infinite Scroll Loader.
- Fixed: Syntax Highlighter.
- Fixed: Disqus Comments.

- Updated: Post Share Dialog to Single Share Dialog.
- Updated: Custom jQuery Script.
- Updated: Related Post Style.

- Added: SiteLink Searchbox JSON-LD Schema Markup.
- Added: Breadcrumb JSON-LD Schema Markup for Post Page and Static Page.
- Added: Blogger, Evernote and Pinterest Share Button.
- Added: Custom Widget Section.
- Added: Grid and Slider Custom Widgets (Required jQuery).
- Added: New Section (Custom Vanilla JS Script and Custom jQuery Script).
- Added: Collapsible and Snackbar Component.
- Added: Light/Dark Mode Logo.
- Added: Defer Lazysizes.
- Added: Ripple Effect to Share Button.
- Added: Custom Arabic Fonts.
- Added: Code Block Copy Button.
- Added: Icons to each Alerts.
- Added: Lazyload for Comment System.

Materia X2 v2.5

June 01 - October, 2021 | View Archived Demo.

- New Structures

Materia X2 v2.4

May 20 - June 01, 2021

- Fixed: Error CSS
- Fixed: Empty Avatar Thumbnail
- Fixed: Empty Post Thumbnail Background
- Fixed: Empty Post Footer Container
- Fixed: Right to Left (RTL) Floating Action Button (FAB) Position
- Fixed: Share Languages (Share to ...)
- Fixed: Error JavaScript
- Fixed: Drawer Menu Padding on Small Screen
- Fixed: Infinite Scroll Pagination
- Fixed: Darkmode Comment Form Background
- Fixed: Viewport Pinch Zooming
- Fixed: Slider Accessibility

- Updated: Post Date Ellipsis when there's no space
- Updated: Post Date Title from ISO 8601 to Regular Datetime Format
- Updated: Restructuring Conditional Tags
- Updated: SVG Icon Path to Symbol
- Updated: Base64 Image Placeholder to GIF Url

- Added: jQuery Option (Enable/Disable)
- Added: jQuery placement location Option (in the head tag or under the body)
- Added: Custom Languange Translation (English, Indonesian, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Thai, and Arabic)
- Added: Custom Language for Share Menu
- Added: Custom Language for Table of Content
- Added: Custom Language for Change Font Size
- Added: Navigation Drawer Menu style Option (Icon/Full)
- Added: Navigation Drawer Menu state Option (Dismissible/Modal)
- Added: Remove link from post image Automatically
- Added: Google Restricted Font (Goolge Sans) as Alternative Fonts
- Added: Lazy AdSense Options (Enable/Disable)
- Added: Post Shortcode (Button, Youtube Embed, Alert, Contact Form, Accordion)
- Added: Popular Post Slider

Materia X2 v2.3

January 27 - May 20, 2021 | View Archived Demo 1 - View Archived Demo 2.

- Updated: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel Next/Previous Button
- Updated: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel Interface
- Updated: RTL (Right to Left) Support

- Improved: Accessbility Score (
- Improved: SEO Score (

Materia X2 v2.2

January 21 - 27, 2021 | View Archived Demo.

- Fixed: Skeleton Loading (Shimmer) Effects on Single Item
- Fixed: Stretched Post Images
- Fixed: Bottom Navigation on Error Pages
- Fixed: Console Error on the Blogger Pages
- Fixed: Alignment for Search Label Descriptions
- Fixed: Updated Post Text (Outside time tags)

- Updated: Center and 70% Image width for Comments
- Updated: Post Slider/Carousel

- Added: Hide Comment Counter on Index Page when Post Comment Disabled
- Added: Updated Post Datetime (Disable/On Hover/Enable)
- Added: Ad Block Features
- Added: Post/Custom Widget Slider/Carousel

Materia X2 v2.0 - v2.1

not launched

Materia X2 v1.9

August 13 - September 27, 2020

- Removed: Play Button on Slider/Carousel

- Changed: Features Toggle Values
- Changed: Placeholder Image Loader to Lazy Image Blur

- Updated: License Method
- Updated: Block Post Style
- Updated: Grid Style

- Fixed: Post Slider/Carousel
- Fixed: Table of Contents
- Fixed: Accessbility
- Fixed: Search Button Input Focus
- Fixed: Nav Drawer Hide when TOC is Clicked (Mobile)

- Optimized: Markups
- Optimized: Post Slider/Carousel

- Added: Selected Nav Marker (Border & Highlight)
- Added: Mobile Footer Menu Section
- Added: Post Image Zoom Overlay
- Added: Social Widget

Materia X2 v1.8

April 29 - August 13, 2020

- Optimized: CSS

- Fixed: Dark Mode Toggle Delay
- Fixed: Background Contrast Ratio (Accessibility)
- Fixed: Enabling Zooming Option to Default (Best Practices for Accessibility)

- Removed: ARIA Hidden Attributes from any Link (Accessibility)
- Removed: Related Posts (Replaced with Read Also)

- Added: New Version of jQuery (Improved Security)
- Added: Automatic Table of Contents
- Added: Automatic Read Also Between Post
- Added: Ads Between Post Section
- Added: New Styles
- Added: Dark Mode Color Options
- Added: Homepage Post Slider with Options
- Added: New Blank Image (Placeholder)

- Improved: Overall Aspect like Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, etc.

Materia X2 v1.7

April 02 - April 29, 2020

- Optimized: CSS

- Removed: Comment Settings on Theme Designer

- Added: Dark Mode Options
- Added: Post Image Loading Placeholder
- Added: External Link New Tab Icon
- Added: Index Post Label Category Options
- Added: Between Post Ads Section
- Added: Auto TOC (Table of Contents) Options

Materia X2 v1.6

February 24 - April 02, 2020

- Fixed: Prefixed CSS Vendor

- Added: Header Gradient Color Options
- Added: Gradient Header and Body Options

- Changed: Light Mode Icon
- Changed: Material Color Scheme

- Rearranged: Theme Designer

- Optimized: Sidenav
- Optimized: Social Background Color
- Optimized: CSS Prefix

Materia X2 v1.5

January 23 - February 24, 2020

- Removed: Blank Link Button

- Fixed: Navigation Drawer Position
- Fixed: Search Form for Small Device

- Optimized: Error 404 Page
- Optimized: New CSS Code

- Improved: Best Practices
- Improved: 100% Meta SEO Tag
- Improved: 100% Accessbility for All Elements

- Added: New Post Loader Style
- Added: New Header Box Shadow - Border on Scroll
- Added: New Styles for Comment Section
- Added: Search Input & Input Element Hover Animation Effect
- Added: Some Element Hover Effect & Transition
- Added: Additional Multilingual for Pagination
- Added: Alternative Font System
- Added: New Styles for Layout Panel
- Added: Ripple Effect Animations
- Added: Meta Viewport Enable/Disable Pinch/Zooming Options
- Added: Sitemap Plugin

Materia X2 v1.4

November 05, 2019 - January 23, 2020

- Fixed: Some Error CSS
- Fixed: Header CSS Transition
- Fixed: Header Placeholder Color
- Fixed: Fluid Layout
- Fixed: CSS Table
- Fixed: Widget Spacing

- Removed: Unused Shortcodes
- Removed: Unused CSS

- Optimized: All CSS Styles!
- Optimized: Alert Shortcodes
- Optimized: Dark Mode
- Optimized: Comment Systems. Blogger, Disqus, and Facebook

- Changed: Block Video Widget Icon
- Changed: Code Structure

- Added: New Blogger Comments System
- Added: Footer Homepage URL
- Added: Automatic Footer Year Copyright
- Added: New Style of No-Image SVG Thumbnails
- Added: Sidebar Sub-Menu Rotate Animation & Transition
- Added: Syntax/Code Highlighter Features

Materia X2 v1.3

October 12 - November 09, 2019

- Fixed: Some Error CSS
- Fixed: Some Error Attributes
- Fixed: Selected Navigation Drawer Menu Highlight

- Added: Page Loader Options
- Added: Dark Mode Features (Cached/Local Storage)
- Added: Drawer Menu Border Separator

- Optimized: Alert, Code Box, and Button Shortcodes

- Updated: Post Comment (If comment is 0 then hide the comment counter)

Materia X2 v1.2

September 23 - October 12, 2019

- Fixed: Some Error CSS
- Fixed: Some Error Attributes
- Fixed: Some Error Title Attributes
- Fixed: Ordered & Unordered List CSS

- Optimized: eCommerce Features

- Removed: Global Widht Features

- Added: Multivendor CSS
- Added: New Design for Search Page, Label Page, and Archive Page
- Added: More Multilingual Words (English - Indonesian)
- Added: Grid and List on Index Posts Layout Options

Materia X2 v1.1

September 05 - 03, 2019

- Fixed: Some Error CSS
- Fixed: Prefixed CSS Vendor

- Added: eCommerce Features
- Added: eCommerce Invoice System
- Added: eCommerce Antispam System
- Added: Some Meta Tag

Materia X2 v1.0

August 29 - September 03, 2019

- Initial Release
- Removed: Hide Side Navigation Option (BETA)

- Added: Multilevel Menu System for Side Navigation
- Added: Left Thumbnail Option in Theme Designer

- Changed: Verified Author Mark with HTML Entities
Yasya El Hakim
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